Aline Hopchet

+32 486 82 20 93

Antwerp - Belgium


Aline Hopchet received her Master’s degree in recorder in 1997 with Bart Spanhove at the Lemmens Institute in Louvain (Belgium). She continued her studies with Marion Verbruggen at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Netherlands), and also took up the Baroque oboe, for which received a first degree in 2001 with Ku Ebbinge. She continued her studies with Paul Dombrecht and in 2009 she received a Master’s in baroque oboe with Marcel Ponseele and Benoît Laurent at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels



She has worked as a guide at the Museum of Musical Instruments (MIM) in Brussels since 2000 and is often in demand as a lecturer. Her work at the MIM has served to deepen her knowledge about historical early instruments, their iconography, repertoire and performance.

Fascinated by Renaissance double-reed instruments, she took master classes with Jérémie Papasergio, Wim Becu and the 'Les haulz et les bas' ensemble. She became an enthusiast and continued in this direction, becoming the specialist teacher in charge of the historical double-reed class at the Music Academy in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert since 2011. Aline Hopchet enjoys performing, as well as teaching.


She has been invited to play with many ensembles and has recorded with labels such as Musica Ficta and Eufoda. She is the director of two ensembles: Cannamella and Les Pantalons.